December 2017 Update

Recently finished NO HEART’s LP and it’s been sent off for mastering at The Mutiny Compound in Bradford, UK.

Spent a day tracking/mixing/mastering NO MAS from Victoria. Expect it on bandcamp soon.

New mic for the studio! Shure Beta 91a!

Open for bookings in the new year.

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November Update

Have started tracking Victoria Oi/Street Punk band “NO HEART” for their new LP.

Stick Farm remixes are near being finished.

Tracking with old school Black/Thrash band “EUTHANIZED” starts this weekend.

I have modified an SM57 with the TapeOp mod essentially adding a new mic to the arsenal. Also modded the Boss MT-2 with the Diezel mod.

Paroxysm LP’s are now out!

More tracking also coming in December!

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October Update

Just got back from travelling for a bit.

Also brought back a Pork Pie “Little Squealer” 13 x 7 maple/birch snare for the studio.

Ordered a re-amp box from DIYRE a few months ago and put it together a few days ago. Re-amping services now available!

SBB’s 3rd LP has been sent off for mastering to Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer Studios (Oakland, CA).

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June Update

Six Brew Bantha have finished vocals and the mixing is near complete! Almost ready to send off for mastering.

Knacker’s Yard‘s new cd “The Dram & The Fray” is almost finished and should be available in the next month.

Got a new mic for the studio! Neumann TLM 102!

Few new links added on the Discography page.

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Just started tracking for the new SIX BREW BANTHA LP on Wednesday. Finished drums and guitars yesterday and did a little pre-mix before tracking vocals.


That’s a Shure SM57, Audix D6 and Shure SM7B. Used ’em all!

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May Update

Have since tracked vocals for SHIBBOLETH and ready to get to mixing.

NOT A COST is finished and should be available soon to check out.

Recorded pop-punk band DUMMY POPS live off the floor last week.

Started tracking the 4th KNACKER’S YARD c.d. over the past few days.

Started mastering for Neo-Crust/Hardcore band FALSEHOOD from Edmonton. For fans of His Hero Is Gone/Fall Of Efrafa.

SIXBREWBANTHA is booking dates to record their 3rd LP! WOOO!

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March update

Recently tracked Rock/Pop/Blues band CHEEKS¬†on the weekend. It will be mixed by the band’s own Nico Carboni.

NOT A COST have finished vocals are started on mixing.

Also did a full session with folk punk trio VULTURE SHOCK last month. Check the Discography page for links to bandcamp.

KNACKER’S YARD will be recording sometime at the end of March or the beginning of April for a new cd.

Added some new acoustic panels at the mix position!

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