Finishing up some bass today with BAD PARTS (Punk/Rock n Roll), mixing with NEARLY DEAD (Brain Bombs Worship) tomorrow, and starting a new session with NO HEART (Victoria Oi!) on Monday.

Now an Over-sized Mesa Boogie 4×12 w/ V30’s is available for use.

nearly dead



NO HEART (above)


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March 2018 Update

Upcoming Recordings with:
-NEARLY DEAD (Experimental Punk/Brain Bombs Worship)

In the past month or so, I’ve:
– recorded EUTHANIZED (Old School Black Metal) doing an Inepsy cover (Who’s Next) for a tribute album
– VULTURE SHOCK (Folk Punk) for a music video of their song “Toilet Poetry”
– finished the STICK FARM (90’s metallic punk) remixes
– and started tracking OFF THE CLOCK (Oi!/Punk) for their first LP.

Also, a Circle A Studios mix was featured in the intro for this video.

Check out HoboRec on youtube!

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December 2017 Update

Recently finished NO HEART’s LP and it’s been sent off for mastering at The Mutiny Compound in Bradford, UK.

Spent a day tracking/mixing/mastering NO MAS from Victoria. Expect it on bandcamp soon.

New mic for the studio! Shure Beta 91a!

Open for bookings in the new year.

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November Update

Have started tracking Victoria Oi/Street Punk band “NO HEART” for their new LP.

Stick Farm remixes are near being finished.

Tracking with old school Black/Thrash band “EUTHANIZED” starts this weekend.

I have modified an SM57 with the TapeOp mod essentially adding a new mic to the arsenal. Also modded the Boss MT-2 with the Diezel mod.

Paroxysm LP’s are now out!

More tracking also coming in December!

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October Update

Just got back from travelling for a bit.

Also brought back a Pork Pie “Little Squealer” 13 x 7 maple/birch snare for the studio.

Ordered a re-amp box from DIYRE a few months ago and put it together a few days ago. Re-amping services now available!

SBB’s 3rd LP has been sent off for mastering to Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer Studios (Oakland, CA).

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June Update

Six Brew Bantha have finished vocals and the mixing is near complete! Almost ready to send off for mastering.

Knacker’s Yard‘s new cd “The Dram & The Fray” is almost finished and should be available in the next month.

Got a new mic for the studio! Neumann TLM 102!

Few new links added on the Discography page.

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Just started tracking for the new SIX BREW BANTHA LP on Wednesday. Finished drums and guitars yesterday and did a little pre-mix before tracking vocals.


That’s a Shure SM57, Audix D6 and Shure SM7B. Used ’em all!


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