New Space

Just moved to a new space, and will have more flexible recording times here.

Recorded a tribute song for Rheum At A Glance, and just starting mixing for new Anarcho-Punk band Paroxysm from Edmonton.

Starting a new Collagen on friday.

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Updates August 31st

I went on tour for 10 days with Storm Of Sedition, back for 2 weeks, then on tour for a Month and a half with Iskra. Knacker’s Yard “Songs of the Sea” is out now on CD. Altered Dead’s CD is out now. Recorded Nearly Dead in the 2 week break and mixing with them soon. Also finishing up the Unend recording in the next week.

Sometime soon doing the Infantile Dissention LP, and possibly recording No Heart (Oi! band).

Got some Ddrum pro triggers coming in soon, for side-chaining drum gates.

Will be moving at the end of November, so will be preparing a new recording space!

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Altered Dead/Unend/Knacker’s Yard

Altered Dead LP has been mixed! It’s being sent to Topon D @ Apartment 2 for mastering. Spent the past 2 days tracking the new Knacker’s Yard cd. Tracking for Unend’s demo starts tommorrow!

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Ahna/Altered Dead/Nostrum

New Altered Dead LP has been tracked! Working on the new AHNA “Crimson Dawn” LP as well.

Nostrum’s Painstaker EP that I recorded in 2013, is out now.

Thick Skull have released teaser tracks from their LP, recorded @ CircleAStudios and mixed by Ancyent Audio

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Thick Skull/Pinner/Shibboleth/Storm Of Sedition

Storm Of Sedition LP getting sent off to Brad Boatright @ Audiosiege this tuesday for mastering. Tracked drums and bass for Pinner! Mixed and mastered Shibboleth’s “Sunder” EP. Finished tracking for Thick Skull’s 2nd recording.

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Some new gear. Live room and Control Room almost done. Storm Of Sedition LP recording starts this week!

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Studio Update

Haven’t recorded in a while cuz I moved! New studio being set-up and new gear on the way! Recently got a Focusrite Saffire PRO 40 and Octopre MKII. Also picked up some Rode NT5’s. New monitors and some compressors on the way soon while I build some bass traps and diffusors.

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